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Do tools load at the same place?

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Not sure if this is a bug or me having a senior moment. 

if i open a text @ numbers and then change text it also opens at numbers. 

i have been looking at the introductions of my study bibles and find its easier to open from the tool menu rather than have them in a second pane. 

Since the upgrade, each study bible opens at its front cover so im having to navigate to numbers in each volume.

Is this correct?

or if i open the niv sb and then change to jsb or esvsb or noab using the title bar and selecting from the titles in the group, should they open at the equivalent bible passage where the previous tool was?

its possible ive not noticed before as the study bibles now open at the last passage i  looked at and it was only because they opened at the cover that i noticed this.



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update, i think this must be a bug because after i opened the translator notes and changed from nrsv, to esv and jps, all of which jumped to the same place, when i went back to the study bibles, theses are now all opening at the same place. (I moved  to exodus to check this out and then isaiah).

on further investigation


if i open at the bible book heading and the opening text (title, author, background, structure etc) then the study bibles will not open at the same place but open where they were last used. 

if i select the first verse in the first chapter in the commentary/notes section, then there is a marker and subsequent study bible notes will open at the same chapter and verse in the previous study bible. 

it looks like the bible book title/heading isnt carrying some kind of marker in the same way that the chapter/verse notes do. 

i accept that each study bible has different structure and subheadings in the introduction to the bible book but i would have expected them to open at the beginning of the introductory section with all the tagging that is added.

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