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inconsistencies in study bible notes

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Following on the theme


This list is shorter and relates to the esv, noab, holman illustrated, jsb second edition, jant second edition, niv (2002) and niv biblical theology. Ive also referenced a few other resources which have the same issues.


Using these resources i am aware of three inconsistencies between the study bibles but included a forth which i found in commentaries and is a development.

  1. In the jsb second edition we suddenly get an intermediate screen when clicking on a link. (See screenshot) in the first edition and in all the other study bibles except the holman, there are indexes to maps and clicking on those takes you straight to the map. Why has this intermediate screen been introduced in the jsb 2nd ed where we have to click on go especially as search takes you to where you are and amplify doesnt do anything? We also get this inconsistency In two atlases, the atlas of christian history works with links but we get this intermediate screen being used in the european reformation atlas which in the same series. Please can we have sensible links and an end to these intermediate screens which dont seem to add anything and just introduce an unnecessary step (though go to is better than the previous icon)?
  2. the oxford and ivp nb commentary has a list of maps but these are not hyperlinked to the maps at all. Can lists be hyperlinked please?
  3. the holman study bible provides links to the introduction of the bible book but then doesnt provide any links to the study notes. There is also no chapter  grouping (though there are not many notes). All the other toc gives links to the notes which are then arranged in various groupings. Can this have a comments section so we can get to the notes without going to the introductory section of the book.
  4. Another minor inconsistency is the inclusion of the front cover which is omitted in the esv and jant. (Its not there in the niv either but doubt many have this resource.j


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