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Switching bug

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I am using 12.9 iPad Pro. iOS 14.01. With apple magic keyboard. Accordance version 3.1.0 Build


1) I am reading verse 40 from NA28 with a commentary. (Picture included)


2) I use 3 fingers on trackpad to switch to Word to take notes. Then I use the same gesture to move back to Accordance


3) I do not return to verse 40, it jumps backward 1 to several verses... (Picture included.


In the past, the main window (NA28) remained constant only the second window (the commentary) reset to the beginning of verse 40. This has not been resolved yet or has been obscured by the fact that the main window (panel) moved to different verse.


This is currently a major problem for me because I am constantly and systematically switching between Accordance and Microsoft Word to do my writing and research. I do not see this problem with other applications such as Adobe Acrobat when switching between them and Word. Please kindly investigate this problem. It is adding a major burden on the utilization of Accordance App.



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Joel Brown

Thanks for the report, Daniel.  I can confirm this behavior, and we'll see what we can do.

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This is very significant. Just downloaded 3.1.1. This bug has been fixed. Thank you very much.

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Well, I have given that report very early. The problem still occurs 95% of the time. I think there is a good reason for this as follows: 


I have looked at this problem from black-box perspective and I have a hypothesis. Of course, I can be wrong given the fact that my insight is only black-box. Furthermore, there might be other issues involved.


It seems to me that if switching quickly between Accordance and say Microsoft Word in such a way that there are no memory issues that will require iPadOS to restart accordance or force a redraw (I will call it hard redraw), then it could work fine. However, 95% of the time, there is that hard redraw. 


It is possible that the way Accordance handles the hard redraw is through calculation of the various image pointers (I am not using the term pointers in the classical way such as C or C++ pointers). In this case, when calculating for the first window, which verse is selected, then the selection is defaulted on the previous verse. 

For the second window which holds the commentary, it will be reset to the beginning of the commentary for that selected verse.


For example, if you were looking at Hebrews 12:28, and also at NICNT commentary on that, after switching, you might get Hebrews 12:27 or 12:26, and the commentary is reset to that.


In the past, the discussion, the question was why iPadOS forces the hard reset. I do not know why. I used to have an older iPad Pro, but now I am using a newer iPad Pro 2020, with 512G. It cannot be the hardware. Whatever the reason for this, investigation into that possibility should not be the only way. In fact, I suggest that hard redraw or whatever it is called should be treated as inevitable outcome. 


In this case, I suggest an appropriate solution such as follows: the exact verse selected and the exact location of the commentary need be saved. So that when a hard redraw occurs, the user will return to the exact location. Yes, i know that the solution needs to be more sophisticated than this. One has to take into account other cases. 


This is just a hypothesis. It could be all wrong. But it is extremely inconvenient to have to find where you were in the commentary after returning to accordance.

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