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8.2.2 International Version

Helen Brown

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German and Spanish users rejoice! Version 8.2 is now available with these new features:




Accordance 8.2 Universal is now localized to German and Spanish, so these languages are automatically supported if the primary System language is German or Spanish.


Additional minor enhancements in this release include:




  • When triple-clicking a word, if the word is not found in a search of the first dictionary, the other dictionaries in the category are searched in turn until the word is found.
  • Hebrew prefixes and suffixes are considered part of a single selected word when amplifying to a tagged text, so the equal sign is correctly added to the separate lemmas or inflected forms.
  • Hebrew vowels are now correctly divided between a word and its suffix, when these are separated by a space.




Adding f after a verse reference now adds a single unit, verse, chapter, or book, intead of adding all of the last unit like ff does. A period is now ignored after f or ff, rather than generating an error message.




  • Option-click on a pane close button closes all the other panes.
  • Further refinements to the diagram window include pressing option with an arrow key to move the object one pixel at a time.
  • Command-double-click on a module in the Library window opens an independent window instead of a tab.
  • Printing of 3 columns with side margins of 1 inch is now supported.

See what's new in version 8, or new since 8.0.


Download version 8.2. As usual it's a free upgrade to version 8.x, and if you have 8.1 you can let Accordance download it through the Accordance menu: Check for Updates. Don't have version 8 yet? Click here.

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Version 8.2.1 corrects some minor bugs in 8.2, and is available for update via the Check for Updates or the download pages.

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Oops! 8.2.1 caused a crash in other applications when pasting Unicode text. This is now corrected in 8.2.2.

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