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Parallel Text Switching


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Good day!


When I have parallel texts open, switching the bottom text to a different testament (i.e., BHS to GNT) makes both panes jump to the beginning of the bottom text.


This seems to only happen when I switch between texts where there is no overlap with the top text. So, as an example, if I'm reading in the Psalms, and add a GNT parallel (by accident), both panes jump to Matthew 1:1. The same happens in the opposite direction: if I'm reading in the Romans, then add a parallel BHS pane (just pretend I have fat fingers), now I'm reading Genesis! Whee!


If this is intentional, so be it, but my suggestion would be to somehow keep the top pane as primary, so the parallel (or secondary) text at the bottom would link to it, and not vice versa. Of course, when the bottom text is scrolled, the top should move with it, as it currently does. No problem there.


Perhaps it's just my phone, but this issue started up a couple months ago in an update, and I was hoping that a later update would solve it. I Just updated this morning (to 2.1.2), and the issue persists, so I'm finally asking if this is normal or not.


On the desktop version, when the texts aren't parallel, we just get the "--" for each non-parallel verse. That would be fine as well.


I'm using Android version 2.1.2.


Thanks for your help!

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