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Basics of Biblical Hebrew 3rd Edition


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Is there any plan to have the books of Basics of Biblical Hebrew (3rd Edition) reviewed and corrected? There is tons of mistakes all over the place, usually in the Hebrew font, which makes studying somewhat frustrating. (even the workbook has the same problem)

Luckily I took Hebrew before, so I am not memorizing incorrect paradigms, but for people who try to get into it the first time, this could be very confusing.

I don't know if the person importing the Hebrew didn't know Hebrew themselves, or how it came to so many mistakes, it is somewhat a mystery to me.

I know it was under time pressure at the time of release, so maybe that is why.

But I would really wish for a corrected version, as it is such a helpful tool, that I would love to be able to recommend to others.


Thank you for looking into this!



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Yes. We're working on it now. 

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