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Errant error message

Joel Arnold

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I'm getting an odd error message if I search for a book beginning with a number (2 pet, 1 John etc).


- It only happens when I am set on "words" instead of "verses.

- It only happens if I search with a space ("2 Pet," not "2Pet")

- The error notification is "The <AND> command is in the wrong position. It must be preceded by a word expression."


Of course it's a simple enough fix to write 2Pet instead. But this feels like a bug because:

- It doesn't match the behavior / expectation from what you get if you search for verses. There I can write 2Pet or 2 Pet without problem.

- The error message doesn't match the problem. There is no <AND> command in the search bar.




I am on iPad OS 14 running Accordance 3.0.9, however I get the same behavior on iPad OS 13 with the same Accordance build.

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Thanks for the report, Joel!  This definitely should have been handled a bit better on iOS, and has been improved for the next version.

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