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Compare text shows incorrect diffs for Hebrew

Darin Franklin

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I am using the Compare Texts feature to compare HMT-W4 with a Torah text that I imported.
My imported text does not have any pointing, punctuation, or section marks.
On verses which end with a פ or ס section mark in HMT-W4, it is highlighting the character which precedes the פ or ס, instead of highlighting the פ or ס itself.
Because I have "Ignore Punctuation" selected in preferences, I expect it to ignore all sof pasuk ׃ characters.  However, as you can see from the screen shot, it is not ignoring the ones that are followed by the ס and פ section marks.
I think that the problem occurs when the differences happen at the end of the verse, and it is not related to section marks or sof pasuk.
Here are some examples.



Exod 14:25 and Num 25:19 have a פ section mark at the end, not preceded by ׃.  
It highlights the space before פ vs the last letter of the last word. List Text Differences shows -- vs --.  I think it should show פ vs --.
Num 10:34 and 36 end with ׃ ן ס, and my imported text does not have them.  
It is showing ׃ ן vs --.  I think that it should be showing ן ס vs --.
I created two test files with differences, heb1 and heb2.  Again, the problems seem to be at the end of the verse. 
I tried to reproduce it with English text, but it only happens with Hebrew.
I attached my test files.
Accordance 13.1.2
Compare: Words
Type: Single Text
Ignore: All boxes are checked, including "Punctuation".


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Thanks for the report!  I've added it to the list of bugs to fix in the future.

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Here are three differences which do not look different to me.

Lev 21:10; Deut 27:3; 28:69

This is a very common word, but only these three cases were marked.  The pointing is unusual, so maybe that is causing the problem.

This text is in my zip file.



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