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Update: Accordance 3.0.9 for iOS/iPadOS

R. Mansfield

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Accordance Bible Software for iOS/iPadOS has been updated to version 3.0.9 delivering lots and lots of changes, tweaks, and fixes. 

  • Added 3D Touch to every location where long press gestures are currently supported (e.g. the Library button, the Goto grid buttons, the Active Highlight button).
  • Taptic/Haptic Feedback Support:
    • For iPhone 6s devices, which have the Taptic Engine, vibrations are generated through the system.
    • Newer devices will support Haptic Feedback if available. Currently, feedback is generated for notification events (successes, failures, and warnings).
  • Active Highlighting Interaction:
    • To prevent accidental changes to the Active Highlighting mode, the tap and long/deep press functions have been switched. 
    • Now a tap on the button will display a menu of recently used highlight styles and a long/deep press is now required to change the Active Highlighting mode.
    • Enhanced the ability to bring up Instant Details with Active Highlighting turned on. 
  • Added basic key command functionality to the User Notes editor. Currently supporting cut (cmd-x), copy (cmd-c), and paste (cmd-v), but more could be added in the future if need arises.
  • Added support for scrolling to adjacent pages using the left and right arrow keys of a connected keyboard.
  • Added the ability to switch Text and Tool modules when a search is currently active:
    • For Texts, if a verse search is active, the Text List only shows Texts containing at least some of those verses.
    • For Texts, if a word search is active, it tries to rerun the current search.  If that fails, it shows all Text.
    • For Tools, it attempts to maintain the current field, if possible (setting to the first field if not).  It will then attempt the search, and if that fails, it will show all Text.
  • Changed the Today Extension Daily Reading to use the same Morning/Evening distinction that normal Daily Readings use, now using morning as Midnight-Noon, rather than 5AM - 5PM.
  • Changed the name of ‘About this Text’ to ‘About “Module”’
  • Added missing (i) About Module button for the Library Top level, which may occur during either search results or a Recent section.
  • Corrected the name of the About Module back button.
  • Expanded Dark mode support:
    • Launch screens and Onboarding views.
    • Paper Library folder rendering.
  • Removed internal limitation on the size of a paragraph/chapter that caused some Texts, like the Hebrew Bible, to switch back to Separate Verses.
  • Improved calculation of status bar height, especially for newer iPads.

  • Various issues with gapped or missing text or the errant text navigation when returning to Accordance after backgrounding it.
  • Improved restoring the view orientation when returning to the app.
  • Issue with selecting text in Japanese and Chinese texts, when showing in Separate Verses.
  • Where quickly increasing a narrow pane’s width would leave its title button too small of a font size (from the auto-shrink). Now the title button will resize as needed.
  • Extra ‘Gen 1:1’ added to the Hyper history when changing Search View read modules.
  • Footnotes in a Hebrew text would have difficulty being selected if they weren’t a distinct word, such as a trailing ‘a’ in BHS-T Ex 1:2.
  • Selecting a single character would try to select more than one if it is a high ascii character.
  • When drawing images with transparency, especially egregious when in dark mode, or with dark pane colors.
  • Prior/Next bookmark navigation issue in Tools.
  • Case when the error “The Text ____ is not currently available to Accordance” is presented on launch, which occurred if the day started and Accordance was quit.
  • Crash that would occur when doing a sync.
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A webinar or youtube explanation of these changes would be most helpful!

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