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Update! Accordance 13.1.2 Win/Mac (Expanded Timeline support)

R. Mansfield

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Accordance 13.1.2 for Windows & macOS, with support for the incredible new Accordance Timeline Expanded Edition, is now available! Check for App Update from within Accordance to download!


Timeline Changes

  • Improved amplifying to the Timeline when the selected text has a wide range:
    • If the items found by the text (such as ‘John’) span > 500 years, or are in non-adjacent/same regions, a dialog comes up allowing the user to choose which items to actually add to the Timeline.
    • Items are filtered to match the dating scheme of the opened Timeline.
    • Items also show their localized name, if appropriate.
    • If there are multiple times with the same name (e.g. ‘Titus’) then the item class is also shown.
    • List supports multi-select, so they can choose as many of the original set as desired, even all, to add to the Timeline.
  • Improved amplifying to the Timeline by a phrase, where first the phrase is attempted to be found, such as ‘John the Baptist’ before breaking it apart into its constituent pieces.
  • Reduced the minimum font size drawn in the Timeline before turning to a gray box “smudge” from 6 to 5 pts.
  • Improved the ‘Select Times’ dialog to be a multi-column dialog, clearly showing the (localized) name, region, class, and date range of each found time.

Other Changes 

  • New tutorial capabilities for the Timeline and Atlas.
  • In Papers, the hotkey for making a parent to the selected item (Shift+(Opt/Alt)+Return) will now properly insert the parent one step up in the hierarchy, rather than at the same level.
  • Where a Reference Tool in parallel to a Text would not line up properly if one of the preceding paragraphs was a table.
  • Changed how spaces are handled for Instant Details display of Inflect and Lexical forms.
  • When copying as a citation, the hidden link to the Accordance url will now be blue and underlined. 
  • Strings such as "O 1" will no longer be interpreted as scripture in the Web Browser or when auto-linking scripture. ("O 1:1" can still be valid, in some cases.)
  • The “Dropbox Sync” toolbar button is now just “Sync”. A dialog will now ask the user if they want to sync with dropbox or sync with a mobile device on the same WiFi network. The user has the option not to be asked again, in which case the toolbar button will revert to directly doing the action without bringing up the dialog.
  • When searching the Library for an Author, and opening a Tool that is found, the Tool will also be searched for the found Author if it has an Author field.
  • Initial implementation of French and Spanish localized Tutorials.
  • Updated Help for 13.1.2

Tutorial Fixes

  • Where clicking on a highlighted (default) button that didn’t actually close the dialog, like the Tutorial Continue button, would lose its highlight.
  • When amplifying to an item during a Tutorial, now the amplify doesn’t go to another open tab in an unrelated workspace.
  • Opening a Map or Timeline within a Tutorial would skip some draw actions due to the Tutorial dialog moving. 
  • When opening a Map or Timeline within a Tutorial, the default zoom/location is used, rather than the last, for a more consistent experience.
  • Cases when finding Timeline items in a Tutorial, where user items were confused with extra times. 
  • Issue that prevented Tutorial access in the Timeline Find dialog.

Map and Timeline Fixes 

  • Significantly improved the view when zooming the Timeline to one or more items.
  • Various optimizations to better manage the increased Timeline data.
  • Opening a Map or Timeline tab would sometimes have trouble determining whether to use the last location or not.
  • When setting the initial Timeline zoom for multiple items that didn’t calculate the position within a region correctly.
  • Issue when searching for user items on the Timeline.
  • Where a Timeline Report was reporting items in their absolute class order, which placed religious leaders before their political period. Now the order reflects the dialog class order, which also fixes the issue.
  • Various issues when installing new Timeline in Easy Install.

Transfer Highlight Fixes 

  • Issue that would cause the Highlights to be removed from one Tool but not be moved to the more modern Tool. 
  • When the transfer Highlight options in the window menu were not functioning. 
  • Where the Transfer Highlight options in the window menu would not update to reflect changes in the Highlight file. 

Syntax Tree pane Fixes 

  • Now the word list on the pane to use the actual words shown in the Text, including any extra marks used with the word, such as a maqqef (_) or sof pasuk (:). Previously the words were generated by using words from the inflected word list.
  • Removed the display of the words kk and qq, since these were used only as special place holders for ketiv/qere words in the Hebrew Text.
  • Ability to scroll to the bottom branch of the last verse of a Text. Previously it would only scroll to the top of the last verse.

Other Fixes 

  • Case when Paper endnotes were scrambled.
  • Potential Research Cache corruption.
  • Flex Search words with a wildcard * character would not be treated the same as other words. 
  • Searches using a range condition would not work if the list of ranges contained two consecutive or overlapping ranges.
  • The new TEXT word count options would get confused with an exact (=) search.
  • Shift-click Search from a key number Analysis graph would fail.
  • Issue that was preventing amplifying to a Parallel.
  • When the “About this Text” window would not open from the right click menu in a Diagram Pane. 
  • Where the "Daily Reading" menu and the right click "Construct" menu were getting mixed up.
  • Any unique colors in a footnote didn’t always get added to the RTF color table. This could occur if a Tool citation had an embedded accord URL, which is now colored blue.
  • Where notes within a User Notes file could be deleted when syncing with Dropbox. 
  • Errors related to conversion of the Yehudit font to the Rosetta (transliteration) font, for the following Hebrew characters: yud, sere, and hireq.
  • Crash that could happen when mousing over the “Add Note” icon in a Tool that is parallel to a Text. 

Mac specific fixes

  • Where Tabs could not be dragged to positions around a Web Browser. 
  • Paper display dialog issue while in dark mode that would force subsequently added items to render with black text. 
  • Multi column list renering issue with certain cell content.
  • Where Accordance would become unresponsive after opening in safe mode, if the workspace being loaded was big enough to require a progress bar during loading. 

Windows specific fixes

  • Where the style menus in the Customize Theme section of the Display dialog would be too narrow if the user has set a screen scaling above 125%.
  • Where the main Amplify menu was not having the "Websites" submenu added to it.
  • Issue that was preventing OneNote for Windows 10 from receiving pasted content.
  • Where the "Parts of Speech" legend was not showing the text labels. 
  • Where notes edited within a minute of each other and synced to Dropbox would not merge at all.
  • Added support for Easy Install of certain Map/Timeline items.
  • Crash when opening "About This Module" from the Library. 
  • Potential crash when opening a Tutorial.
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