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Another idea for keyboard short cuts

R. Mansfield

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Speaking of the keystroke utility in the other post from today, I've always thought that all this space on the palmrest of my 17" PowerBook is somehow wasted.


Does anyone remember the old WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS (sorry, I wasn't always a Mac user) from 15 years ago that came with a plastic template to put above the function keys on your keyboard? This template was color coded with all the keystrokes to print, open files, make text bold, etc.


Maybe if I ever have the time (ha), I'll get around to doing this, but if someone wants to run with it, steal my idea with my blessing... I'd like to see a physical template to put down on the palmrest of my PowerBook that has the keyboard layouts for Helena on one side and Yehudit on the other and all the major Accordance keyboard shortcuts above and below the trackpad. It should have adhesive on one side (suppose I could always steal my wife's nail polish remover if I want to remove it later) and have a plastic coating on the side facing up.


I just think this would be very handy. Maybe there could even be a unicode version for those who are typing in unicode. There are a lot of options here of what could be done.


What do others think?

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