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Legacy Update! Accordance 12.3.7 (Windows/macOS)

R. Mansfield

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Still rockin' Accordance 12? Although we'd really like you to update to Accordance 13, rest assured we've still got your back! Check app update and download v. 12.3.7 for important bug fixes.



  • Where the control key would not toggle expanded Instant Details without a mouse move in all cases.
  • Mouse interaction issues when Instant Details was set to use the Fade feature. 
  • Where the transliteration in Instant Details wouldn’t show if the inflected form wasn’t also set to show.
  • Arabic Searches containing a wasla would have no results.
  • Localization issues when the system is localized and the Interface Language is set to English:
  • A Timeline search would not search correctly.
  • Cases when the system locale is still being used.
  • Wifi sync issues when deleting modules off of the device and when a library has user item folders.
  • When Diagram objects didn’t maintain colors correctly.
  • A Diagram tab did not update its font bar after a rectangular selection.
  • Crash that could occur in the Research Hits Graph.
  • Crash that could occur when adding the MT-LXX as interlinear to LXX1.
  • Potential crash that could occur when amplifying a scripture reference to a workspace containing a Tool that does not contain that scripture reference. 
  • Crash when copying a Tool to a Paper that didn’t have biblio information.
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