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Understanding NT Greek

Doug Ellis

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Is it possible to add the highlight file for Understanding NT Greek to the Android app?


Thanks, Doug

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I have a Kindle Fire 10, with Accordance Mobile 2.0.1 installed that I downloaded from the Amazon Store.

I am trying to use Understanding NT Greek, and use the highlight file that comes with Understanding NT Greek.

I connected my Kindle Fire to my desktop computer (which I have Accordance 13.0.4 for Windows installed on) using the usb cable, and copied the UnderstandingNTG2.hlt

to my Highlights folder in the Accordance folder of my Kindle Fire.

When I open Accordance on my Kindle Fire, I can use the navigation pane and go to Settings / Highlight file, and it has the My Mobile Highlights (which comes with the android app),

and the UnderstandingNTG2 listed, So it looks like it copied the file from my desktop to my Kindle Fire ok.

I click in the radio button next to UnderstandingNTG2 and then click on OK, and it takes me back to my Settings screen, where it now lists UnderstandingNTG2 as the chosen highlight file.

However, as soon as I click the back arrow at the top left of the Settings screen to save it, it doesn't save it properly as the highlight file that I want to use. I can immediately go back to the Settings

screen, and under Highlight file it has already reverted to My Mobile Highlights instead of staying on the UnderstandingNTG2 as I was trying to have it do. So I am unable to use the highlight file at all.

I do not have dropbox, to sync, so I was trying to avoid that as I prefer not to do it that way if I don't have to. I'm not sure if thats my problem or not. I don't see why it would matter if I use dropbox to copy the file over, or if I copy it

directly from my desktop to my Kindle Fire as I did. Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.



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I downloaded the ToggleOffHighlights.hlt file from the Accordance Exchange site to my desktop pc,

then unzipped it. I then connected my Kindle Fire 10 to my desktop and copied the ToggleOffHighlights.hlt

to my Kindle, just like I had copied the UnderstandingNTG2.hlt file. When I ran Accordance on my Kindle

it listed the ToggleOffHighlights.hlt file as it should, and when I selected it as my chosen highlight file from

the settings area, everything worked fine and I was able to use it. For some reason the Accordance Mobile

app does not work with the UnderstandingNTG2.hlt file. Does anyone know if Accordance Mobile for Android

recognizes custom colors in highlight files? Thats the only thing I can think of as to why it  might not be working.

However I am definately not a software developer, and don't have any other ideas as to why it may not be working


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Hello, Doug, I wish I could help, but I'm pretty sure it can be done in Android for now. (I just tried, and the HLT file installed with the grammar, but I can't find any way to choose that HLT rather than the default My Mobile Highlights.)

I think it's a feature promised eventually.

Thanks for buying it! I hope you find it helpful! (When you can see the highlights...)

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Hi Doug, I'll look into this to see why it's not currently working on Android. Thanks for reporting the issue!

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I am able to use it on Windows, I am just away from home a lot, and it would be great to be able to use it on Android also. :)


Thanks for the replies, mgvh and Matt. I appreciate it.

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