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Direct Speech Search...(Hebrew)


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Hi there - I purchased the Hebrew syntax module and was hoping to search some specific tags within Speech (or in text that is not direct speech).


After working through the manual I thought I got it figured out, but the results its giving me don't quite make sense. 


I'm attaching images of the search, specifically searching for paragogic nun forms that occur in texts that are NOT direct speech.


Any help is most appreciated.



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You have your depth set to infinity (and beyond!). Set it to =1 (2 at the most) and try again. 


I'll add a word of explanation -- the depth function corresponds to levels of syntactic hierarchy. Depth = 0 means that you build the construct exactly like the syntax tagging. In this particular search example, depth = 0 would never work, because any paragogic Nun would be on a verb, which means within the predicate phase, which is one level down from the clause level. So a depth =1 is required to get any hits. Increasing to depth = 2 would look into the predicate phase level and then also one level lower, but the hits will be the same for this search, since the only other place to find paragogic Nun would be inside direct speech, which is more than one level down in the hierarchy of a clause (direct speech is the complement of a speaking verb, so any paragogic Nun would be at least depth =3 below the clause level.


I hope that helps.


Oh, and the Psalms are not tagged as direct speech (unless the psalms quotes another character). But I recognize that this is arguable, so you may simply want to skip the Psalms hits in your search. 

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