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Tie Lexica together (HALOT, BDB, DCH etc)


Scrolling through Hebrew lexica ties together  

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Hello everybody 

dear Accordance team


as exchanged in  



it would be great if one could link all the Hebrew lexica together so that scrolling along is possible. It is a feature I know form Logos and it is working really fine. 

Up to now it seems limited to Scripture etc. http://accordancefiles2.com/helpfiles/OSX13/Default.htm#topics/04_gswa/tie_separate_tabs.htm%23kanchor745

(as Fabian pointed out to me). 


So here is the request: It would be great to treat the lexica just like the text versions that one could really match them on one entry.   

It will save a lot of time and it should be possible since the lexica are digitally «lemmatised» already 


Many regards and thank a lot for your inspiring work



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You have several options in Accordance of searching all your lexica or a selection at once. You can use Live Click. You can create a User group and amplify to it. You can set up a workspace with your selected lexica and link them to the first tab with the LINK command, with each one set to the Entry field. Then amplifying to the workspace or to the first tab will update each tab, but it won't include the verse reference from which you are amplifying.


I am not sure how you expect lexica to scroll with each other or with the text. Do you just want each one to jump to the top entry of the first? The workspace with linked tabs does that, but you have to update the first entry.

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I guess Florian didn't talk about the scroll of the text per se, but with the entry. So if you tie them and you scroll in one to אוֹר the lexicon which are tied goes also to אוֹר. And this by scrolling without doing a search.


This is what I voted for.

Edited by Fabian
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Thanks for that, Helen, and thanks Fabian for the - correct - interpretation/clarification. I know the feature from Logos.  It is a comfortable feature if you do not want to do a search each time. 

You can just put all lexica in a parallel synopsis, then enter one root and it will jump to each entry of the root. When «scrollling» the lemmata are linked to another so they will jump with the recent window. It is faster than the options described above. At the moment I am using them as a helpful hand. However if the lemmata in the lexicon where connected to each other (which should be easy since it already works with bible verses) this would be a new step ahead. I had a good user experience with that feature and miss it somehow. 


Perhaps for a future update of the lexica they could be lemmatized in the cross mentioned way. However the searches you mentioned, Helen, are powerful. At the same time they take up about 10 times longer and the real synopsis is not being achieved by that. 


Many greetings - thanks for ventilating my thoughts on that. 

Highly appreciated



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