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Mac Catalina - Problem with SBL Greek in MS Word


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Recently I thought I was doing the right thing and upgraded: 

  • Accordance 12 to Accordance 13
  • Mac OS to Catalina
  • Latest version of MS Word for Mac


Some glitches overall but the oddest one is that my SBL Greek font is now a joke in Word. Looks nothing like how it displayed in the past, nothing like the web version. Overall this wouldn't be a problem except that I have many Word docs that use SBL Greek. To change those to another font (where there are many footnotes in the text, etc.) would be a real pain. By the way, the Accordance Greek Unicode font displays well. 


And, the SBL Greek font displays well in other programs (Pages, etc.). Just Word that doesn't seem to like it anymore. Any ideas?





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