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install problem


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We have Accordance Library 5 and had been using it for a couple of years with Emulator on a Windows ME system.


We have just bought a new computer, Windows XP, and I have been trying to install Accordance 5 onto it.


The install of Basilisk II went well.

The install of Accordance 5 seems to be incomplete. I cannot find the program file.


In the Accordance folder, these are the folders and files I see...

Manuals & Docs folder

Modules folder / text folder & tools folder

Read Mes folder

Accordance catalog

Accordance HelpE .01


Atlas Movie

Read Me First

Sample Notes

Sample Tools


What do I do now?


Thanks for any help.


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On the CD-ROM, in the for 68K Mac folder, you should find a copy of the Accordance 5 program which you can copy to your hard drive. I would also download the installer for version 5.7 for 68K (or, even better, upgrade to version 6).

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Thank you Helen for your help.


For one reason or another, the Accordance folder, in icon view, was not showing the Program icon. However, when I switched the folder view to see the list... I found the Program was there and I could open it.


Thanks for your quick response.


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