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New Releases at the ETS and SBL Annual Meetings

Helen Brown

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The Accordance booth was humming with excitement throughout these meetings as new and old users checked out and snapped up the new Accordance version, the Primary DVD or CD-ROM set, and the exciting new modules. Here is what we released and announced:


New Modules in the Scholar's Collection

  • GNT Papyri (GNTPAP-C, -M, & -M Notes)...$70
    Based on the 2nd edition of Comfort and Barrett, in both canonical and manuscript order, with Notes.
  • Eusebius (EUSEB-T, -E, & Notes)...$80
    Eusebius’ Ecclesiastical History (this release includes vols 1-5 with future upgrades), in Greek with English translation, based on Migne: Patrologiae Graecae.
  • Coptic NTs (CSNT, CBNT, EGNT)...$60
    Coptic NT in both the Sahidic and Bohairic dialects, the "Egyptian Greek New Testament" (all untagged)
  • MT-LXX Parallel (E. Tov and F. Polak)...$100
    The words of the Hebrew Bible with the Greek words in parallel, with annotations and reconstructions.
    Upgrade from original MT/LXX...$50
  • Brown-Driver-Briggs (BDB Complete)...$70
    This corrected edition includes the Aramaic, the comparisons with other Semitic languages and the citations from Scripture.
    Upgrade from BDB...$50
  • Onkelos Glossary...$60
    By Ed Cook, includes all the vocabulary of Targum Onkelos, with bibliographical references to cognates in other Aramaic dialects.
  • Ugaritic Data Bank...$80
    The cuneiform tablets from Ugarit in transliteration with contextual data, bibliography, and comments, edited by Jesus-Luis Cunchillos et al.
  • Q (Sayings) Parallel of the Q passages in Matthew/Luke, free.

Significant Upgrades in the Scholar's Collection

  • Hebrew Inscriptions: Now include 711 Hebrew seals...$50
  • Qumran Sectarian Manuscripts (QUMRAN): Now include all of DJD 37 and DJD 40...$80
  • BHS-W4 release 10 with further refinements to the tagging of the Hebrew Bible
  • LXX1 & 2: Now Rahlfs Revised Edition with formatting and punctuation...$80
  • LXX, Swete with Textual Apparatus (LXXS-T): Based on the Swete text, now includes Gen-II Kings with punctuation, poetic formatting, and diacritics on names...$60
  • Latin Vulgate (VULG-T): Now includes the entire Vulgate morphologically tagged with English glosses by Marco Fabbri....$100
    Upgrade from VULG...$50

The new modules and updates are available only on the Primary 8.1 DVD . The DVD requires OS X and a DVD reader. For older systems and the emulator, we now have a full equivalent CD-ROM set which can be ordered at checkout (Special Instructions).


Other CD-ROM Upgrades

  • NT Apparatus CD-ROM release 5 with
    CNTTS Apparatus very detailed and almost complete (only 1-2 Corinthians and Revelation to come)...$100, upgrade...$10
    Pre-release of two CD-ROMs that didn't quite make it, release expected in Dec 08:
  • SBL Journal CD-ROM with:
    Journal of Biblical Literature, initial release with vols. 100-114 , save $50 off final price of vols. 100-125 (1981-2006)...only $100
  • Theological Journal Library vols. 1-11 on DVD
    Over 500 years of the best conservative, scholarly, evangelical journals, an invaluable tool for everyone who studies, teaches or preaches Scripture. OS X only...$440, credit for previous volumes

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