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Cannot refresh list of highlights files


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When I installed Accordance, I had 4 highlight files synced to Dropbox.   From the desktop, I added and synced a new highlight file (and confirmed it's existence on Dropbox).


When I went back to the Android version, the new highlights file was not available for selection in settings.  I tried the following:


1) Selected Sync Dropbox - didn't help

2) Unlinked and relinked dropbox - didn't help

3) Went into apps settings and cleared cache - didn't help

4) Went into apps settings and cleared data - this worked, but of course I had to set everything up from scratch and download all of my content again.


Edit: The weird thing is that after going through all of this on my phone (Galxy S10), I went over to my Tablet (Fire HD) and everything worked correctly after syncing.  So you may have a hard time recreating this.

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Sorry to hear you were experiencing a problem with this. It does sound difficult to reproduce since this is an isolated problem and the sync is working now on both devices. How long did you wait between syncing the file from your desktop and trying to sync it to your Galaxy S10?


There's no required "wait" time, but from your description it seems possible that the reason it synced (a) after clearing content and re-initializing the app on your S10, and (B) on your Fire HD, is that there was a longer time gap between the initial sync from your desktop and these syncs from your Android devices than there was between the initial sync from desktop and your initial (failed) sync attempt from your S10.

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I'm guessing it was just a minute or two when I initially went in to look but I probably spent 30 minutes troubleshooting before finally clearing everything out.  If I notice it again and come up with anything reproducible, I'll update.

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