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Extendend Bible Highlighting Features


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I know Accordance has many ways to highlight already so please forgive me for asking for more! I have a couple of suggestions that I would love to see.


1. Define highlighter layering


I know we can already layer highlighters on top of each other like highlighting a word in solid green and boxing it in red, for example. What I would like to see is to not make this a two step process, that is, not having to highlight a word twice. It would be nice to do layers when we define a highlight style. Make sense?


2. Highlighter shapes


Don't get me wrong, boxes and solid colors are great, but I would love to see the ability to have other shapes like a triangle, a cloud, a cross, etc. If it's even possible, it would be nice to have the ability to even draw our own styles kind of like the drawing tool for the atlas.


I'm guessing #1 would be more managable then #2, but I can dream! I do a lot of studies by Precept Ministries and for those of you who know Precept, they're heavy on marking the text! If you're curious, see the attachment below which shows examples of marking symbols.



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