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Armenien Bible

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I think to add an Armenien Bible would be good. Not only because on our University you can learn Hebrew, Greek and Latin, but also Armenian and Coptic as the Bible is translated in this languages very early. So it is on the same level as the Latin. 


I saw this one. I guess this would be great. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Classical-Armenian-Bible-Zohrab/dp/1326866702 

Produced by http://www.bibles.org.uk/books.html


He uses LaTex so it is an electronic text. 


Originally published by Dr H. Zohrabian of the Mechitarist Congregation in 1805, Venice, known as "The Zohrab Bible" and used in BHS and NA27. The text is divided according to the ancient Armenian chapters. Hexaplaric signs and Eusebian canons are printed as well as a massive apparatus of textual variants from the ancient Armenian mss and early editions. Dr Claude E. Cox wrote to the editor (Mr T. Aivazian): "You have rendered a great service to biblical and Armenian biblical scholarship with this beautiful piece of work. It will make Zohrapian's work more accessible because of the simplifications you have introduced (e.g., spelling out abbreviations), the very clear typeface, the accuracy with which you have worked, and the inexpensive price. Congratulations on a job well done. You have given Zohrapian a longer life. I cannot see a time when his work will not be useful, simply because his edition is a faithful reproduction of an actual manuscript. You have ensured that it will always be available."




He mentioned also a Grammar Armenian and English by P. Aucher and Lord Byron.



from the contact site:

  1. Email: aivazian.tigran@gmail.com
  2. Skype: tigran.aivazian
  3. Tigran Aivazian on ResearchGate





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Hello Fabian


You are a great resource and help. Thank You

I did a google search and it appears that there are several Armenian bibles. 

You have done your homework well. Yes I think this is the best one

In 1973 I went to Venice, Italy and took a gondola to visit St Lazare Mechitarist Seminary Island.

You can see it with Google Maps. They have a library with old manuscripts.

Is this one all in Armenian or does it have the English translation as well.

Thank you Fabian what a great find.

You said you wanted my email. Why do you need that?















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