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Working with Dual Screens

Tom Childers

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If you teach using a projector or study with a computer using dual screens, you might want to try this on 8.1.


Set up a search window. I am using the KJVS. Right click on a word and search a word or key number. The results will be a new tab entitled KJVS 2 with the search results. Now detach the tab (window - detach tab) and move it to the second monitor or to the projector (mirroring must be turned off). Rename the second screen if you wish - window - set - name. When you go back to your main screen, search for a new word, and the results is updated on the second screen. For every new search, the second screen will be updated.


Another thing you might try. On the second screen, turn the recycle button off by click on it and it will disappear (it is the two green arrows to the right of history in the upper right screen). Go back to your first screen with just one tab. Right click and search for a word. A new tab will now be opened in the first screen (probably named KJVS 3) with the search results, but the second screen remains unchanged. Next, in the second screen turn the recycle button back on by clicking in the area to the right of the history icon. Then go back to the first screen and do another search. This time your second tab on the first screen and the second screen should show exactly the same search results.


With this last setup, one can operate in dual screen with the fonts on the second monitor set larger and the first monitor set smaller. Plus mouse movement now can done on the first screen, but the audience sees only screen two. The main limitation with this setup is that the second screen only reflects new searches.


Accordance 8.1 is lots of fun to use. It is enough to make a person stay up late and get up early!

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