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1.4 upgrade was broken, had to remove and reinstall


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This week I was given a Huawei T3 to try, so the first thing I did was install Accordance (1.3). 

Looking through all the help pages on syncing, it took me a while to realise that user notes are not yet supported on Android.


I was getting used to the different interface (as I'm used to iOS). 

Today Google Play Store wanted to upgrade Accordance to 1.4.0 (among other apps). 

On re-launching Accordance, it showed the red splash screen then quit. 


I tried rebooting the tablet but after that the same thing happened. 


I read another thread on this forum (Syncing 1.4) where rcdeacon had to uninstall and reinstall, so I tried that. 


But obviously that should not be necessary. 

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Thanks for the report. I see the crash report in the Developer Console log and will look into it immediately.

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