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Timeline on IOS

R Gustason

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Anyone know when the interactive timeline will be working on the IOS platform? I’m debating switching to my iPad Pro permanently and getting rid of my MacBook Pro, but not having all the functionality of the Accordance on the IOS platform is making me pause to reconsider. :)

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There are quite a lot of nice features in the full fat version that are missing in ios. Timeline and atlas are only one. Detailed analysis and research and diagrams are also missing.


Having said that there are other static resources that have the info and if you can get by with the interface (which i think is going to have a major overhaul) then there is nothing to really prevent you. I dont do detailed original language stuff and find ios quite adequate for personal study and sermon prep.


Its still faster than using books and i find i take the ipad pro to more places than i would take my mbp, conferences, home group, coffee shops, so you have the advantage of having your library with you more of the time.


Run both for a time and see just how you get on. Missing functionality is a pain but convenience far outweighs it for me.


I now only boot up the mbp when im preparing the service so colate liturgy, songs, text and other material to be projected. Virtually all the other time im on the ipad.

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