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A way to switch to alt text in instant details


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On the Mac, the CMD key can be used to show the alt text when hovering over a verse reference, but on iOS, it seems that the alt text is used for hyperlinks in tools only when the reference is not found in the principal text. I would like to have a way to switch to the alt text on iOS. Since there's no CMD key (except maybe on an external keyboard), some other way of switching is needed. I have two ideas:


1. Tap on the verse reference to bring up instant details with the principal text. Tap the text in instant details to switch to the alt text.


2. Add a "Alt" button to the instant details popup, so that there are two buttons: Amplify and Alt. The Alt button switches texts.


This would be useful to me when reading a commentary, where some passages are cited because of the information they contain (easier to grasp in a translation), and others are cited for the usage of a Greek or Hebrew word (very difficult to see in a translation).

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