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Drafts 5 Action for Accordance

Joel Arnold

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If you’re not familiar with Drafts 5 for iOS, it lets you create quick actions that manipulate text or connect out to other apps. I created this action (still rough, but I’ll improve it) that will grab a reference and open it in Accordance. It also lets you quickly write complex searches on iOS without tapping—something like this can be done completely from the keyboard and quickly:

Typing => God [a man [r heb] Gives you => God <and> man [range heb]


It will open that link in Accordance but also paste the link into your notes, which is useful for saving the search for later. It also functionally makes keyboard commands possible for Accordance iOS—the ability to quickly do searches from the keyboard.


As I said, it’s still rough and I’ll plan on cleaning up the code and make it more useful. But it’s a start!



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