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sync issue between desktop and iPad


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Greetings,  just began using IOS12 on an iPad and have synch'd using dropbox to my MacBook Air.  My User Tools come across but... those User Tools I've converted to a Regular Tool do not sync and show up on my iPad.  Is this not possible?  Is there a step I've missed?

Thanks for any help,



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Fabian is not correct, what you are experiencing is not related.


Dropbox does not sync regular modules, only user editable content.  Since your User Tool has been converted to a Regular Tool, the only way to get it to your device is with Mobile / Wifi sync.  Here's the help page: http://accordancefiles2.com/helpfiles/OSX12/Default.htm#topics/02_install_etc/sync_to_mobile_devices_mac.htm

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Ah sorry I don't use Drop Box, I only use the WiFi.





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I'm having trouble syncing to my iPad mini (iOS 9). This was happening in Accordance 2 and is still happening in the new version 3. 

I add notes to "My Mobile Notes" on the iPad. 

Then I sync to Accordance 11 on my Mac.  

Sometimes the new notes are added on the Mac. 

Other times, the new notes are deleted from the iPad. This has now happened three times that I know of. 

I now take screenshots before syncing in case I have to retype them afterwards. 


Also, the sync window now shows duplicate Notes ending with a full stop, e.g. 

"My Mobile Notes       0.2 MB

 My Mobile Notes.      Unknown"


I've been ticking the first of the above lines. 


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Oh no! This is now also happening on my iPhone (5S, running iOS 12).  


I just synced, and the sync deleted my new user notes from the iPhone. 

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Your screenshot shows to potentially problematic files.


Would you share a screenshot of the Accordance Files/User Notes folder, showing the extensions, on our Mac? 


Would you also share a screenshot of the User Notes in the User Notes folder in the Accordance Library on your iPad?


And, list which User Note/s is having the issue?

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