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Hebrew Audio Bible - Adjust play rate


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Hi all,

if you happen to be a mac user and can consider purchasing Keyboard Maestro, which is one of the best apps I’ve purchased, then you can do it without even open the audio pane. The Keyboard Maestro macro i built can read the current verse for you in the background, and you can tell it to read at a slower speed.

i can show you how to adjust the speed if you are interested. The macro by default makes it read it normal speed, but i have another macro to tell it to read the previous read verse at a slower speed if i feel need to.


Edit: this macro reads the Hebrew audio verse. I don’t have the Greek audio Bible in my library. Looking at the price, and its NA27 version instead of NA28, I hesitate to make an order. If I decide to get it in the future, I can include reading Greek verse as well.

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@Martin Z's solution works well for verse-by-verse replay of Hebrew Audio-OT Verses.


For slowed/speeded and paused/restarted macOS listening at chapter level (Hebrew Audio-OT Chapters) we can choose an alternative to the built-in player.


  • QuickTime Player.app is available on all macOS systems, but its View > Playback Speed > Half Speed is probably too slow for most, and there is no finer-grained control
  • VLC.app has to be downloaded, and installed, but it's free, and its Playback > Playback Speed gives a sliding slow ⇄ fast scale. Unlike the command line afplay, it also gives us pause and rewind etc.

Here is a Keyboard Maestro script which allows you to specify the player you want to use, and assigns a keystroke to playing a Hebrew Audio-OT Chapters  sound file for the selected chapter, in the specified audio player.


It's a variation on @Martin Z 's macro, differing only in:


  • Summoning chapter files rather than verse files
  • opening a specified audio player (bypassing the Accordance audio player) (rather than using an afplay command line)

To use:

  1. Check that the top of the macro specifies the audio player you want to use (VLC is free at www.videolan.org)
  2. Click somewhere in a Hebrew bible chapter, and launch the macro (initially assigned to the F2 key)


(You need to have Hebrew Audio-OT Chapters installed in your Accordance library)


Hebrew Audio-OT for chapter, in specified Audio play.kmmacros.zip

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While I appreciate greatly the efforts of Martin Z and Houthakker, they do require additional software and did not function well for me.


Accordance developers: please consider upgrading your audio player to include playback speed.


Thank you very much!


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Just coming here to post a request for this as well. Accordance, give us a way to slow down the Hebrew Audio OT!

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17 minutes ago, DiscipleDojo said:

Just coming here to post a request for this as well. Accordance, give us a way to slow down the Hebrew Audio OT!



I have requested this many a time too!



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