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LBLA Spanish Bible Issue


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When I open the mobile app and choose LBLA Spanish Bible it opens, but when I try to choose a Bible reference it won’t jump there.

I go to the table of contents on the left, choose any book from the list, click on the chapter and then on the chapter verse and nothing. It’s stuck on whatever current verse it’s in right now.


If I use the loop icon I can click on a Bible reference, but it only shows one verse and not the entire chapter.


Is this a bug or is there anyway to fix this?



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Hey Diatheke, I'm sorry you are having trouble with LBLA!  Unfortunately, I can't reproduce this.  It works when I use either the list or the grid mode for the Goto.


I'm not really sure what you mean by the 'loop' icon.  Are you referring to the LBLA text or the LBLA Notes reference tool?  Have you tried restarting the app?  Are you using it with any parallel panes?  What device are you using it on?

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