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Font problem with edit of User Note with Gk Font

Julia Falling

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I reported this before but was unable to find the thread.  I have the problem when I edit an existing note or create a new note.  There was a previous version iAccord where it was not an issue at all.


I use unicode fonts.  For Greek I like Galatia SIL.  It morphs to Accordance Gk when I edit an existing note or create a new note w/Gk and save it.  Because of the built in leading of the Accordance Gk, it turns my Notes file into a mess with uneven line spacing.  So if I get into a Gk-containing note on my iPad, I have to fix it on my Mac.  Frustrating.  It didn't used to be like this.  I've learned not to mess with Hebrew at all on the iPad.  I realize that iOS is probably most of the problem with right to left fonts and accept those limitations.  The issue with Greek fonts, however, is relatively new.  I now often email myself with the info to put into a note so I can do it on the Mac and avoid the morphing problem.



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This problem continues.  I'm going to have to start emailing myself to make changes to User Notes on the Mac when using my iPad when there is any Greek text in the note.  This is a NEW problem with the current iAccord.  I didn't have this problem before.  The formatting I did on iOS showed up perfectly on the Mac and vice versa.


Is anyone else having this problem?

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