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'Gallery View' for Commentaries


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I've developed a visual way of displaying my Accordance commentaries (visual cues taken from Apple's iBooks app):




Tapping on a Commentary opens it in Accordance, as you can see in this video:




And 'sharing' a verse from Accordance reveals all Commentaries available for that verse – when you tap on a Commentary it takes you to the right verse:




I find this to be a much nicer way of browsing commentaries than what Accordance for iOS currently offers. I would like to request that Accordance build this way of browsing commentaries into their app! The version that I've built allows me to order the commentaries in any order (I like ordering by year published), and add things like 'read' and star ratings. But it uses Shortcuts and HTML to achieve results, it would be much nicer if this were built into the app itself.


PS above is a more advanced version of what I shared in this post a week or so ago: https://www.accordancebible.com/forums/topic/25016-video-much-better-way-of-choosing-commentaries/



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That looks pretty sweet. I do not use Accordance on iOS much, but would definitely like to see the library organized differently and easier access to pertinent commentaries.

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Love it. Honestly, just bringing the info pane in would be nice. 

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