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"Chapter back" button and "book back" button – mismatch between Mac OS and iOS

Ken Hall

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When using the "chapter back" button in iOS, the text jumps back to the beginning of the current chapter, as expected. However, the "chapter back" button in Mac jumps back all the way to the beginning of the PREVIOUS chapter. For instance, if I'm in John 13.35 and tap the chapter back button on my iPad or iPhone, it goes back to John 13.1. That is to be expected. However, in Mac OS if I'm in the same verse and do the same thing, the text skips ALL THE WAY BACK TO JOHN 12.1. Thus there is an inconsistency between iOS and Mac OS in the button function.


For the "book back" button, the mismatch is similar, and even more pronounced. If I'm in John 13.35 in iOS and hit the "book back" button, the text goes to John 1.1, which I would expect. However, in Mac OS IT GOES ALL THE WAY BACK TO LUKE 1.1. That does not seem proper, in my opinion.


I'm not sure about others but the iOS function seems better and more natural to me.


FEATURE FIX REQUEST: Please make Mac OS and iOS do the same thing for the "chapter back" and "book back" buttons. In my opinion the way iOS handles it is preferable to Mac.


Does anyone else have any opinions?

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