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How do you actually use Accordance for Bible Class


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I am an avid user of this wonderful software package. Every day I find more nuggets and features I can't believe I ever lived without.


But one thing still eludes me.


How can I best use these resources in a bible study setting?


I am currently teaching a bible class on the Gospel of Matthew. Accordance is my regular companion in preparing for this class. But I struggle with how to actually present the materials. Should I move things into a powerpoint or keynote presentation, use print media, or is there some other format that I haven't even thought of?


As it currently stands, I cut/past things into Apple Pages as I use them. It works okay, but I'm not thrilled about it.


I would love to hear your counsel on how you use this. Any examples would be especially helpful.




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I would use Accordance's Slideshow mode to present the text of Scripture, relevant Maps, photos from the PhotoGuide, etc.


Just set up a Workspace with several tabs. Each tab then becomes the basis of a slide. In one tab, have the Bible text displayed in a pane with the text bumped up to a very large size. When you're reading the text, you can use the auto-scroll feature to project the text like a teleprompter, so that everyone is able to follow the text at the same time.


Relevant map layers would be New Testament Palestine, the various routes related to Jesus, etc. Use the animate button to start and stop the animated routes at relevant points. You can also use the PhotoGuide to show relevant photos of Bethlehem, Jericho, Jerusalem, Aenon, Capernaum, Heptapegon, etc. Command-click the photos in the PhotoGuide to break them out into separate tabs.


Another great resource would be the reconstructions in the Holman Dictionary and Holman Charts modules.


Hope this helps.

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Hello Todd,


I can't add too much more than the previous post. Where there is geography involved, the Maps module is helpful. Where there is a time span involved, the timeline comes in handy. Every now and then the pictures and BAR modules come in handy. And, of course, copying the text into a keynote is an obvious choice.


Also, don't forget about the Harmony of the Gospels module. it comes in very handy if you're doing a bible study in the gospels.


If you'd like some examples, Here's a couple:


Bible Study Examples



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