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Accordance Mobile Android v1.3 Open Betas

Mike Garrity

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Accordance Mobile for Android v1.3.0b3 (10476) has been published on Google Play as an Open Beta test.


What's New

  • Support for all modules up to 12.2 (except for Quran).
  • A Quick Preferences dialog for quickly adjusting common settings.
  • An option to toggle expanded details in Instant Details (similar to the CMD toggle on desktop).
  • A more immersive Reading Mode with fullscreen display and a thinner pane divider.
  • Amplify by Lexeme on Key Number texts in Instant Details.
  • A direct link to the Accordance Store from the app menu.
  • An internal web viewer.
  • Various UI enhancements.
  •     See the current section title in reading mode for Tool modules.
  •     A larger Instant Details panel to show more content.
  •     See download progress in Easy Install.
  •     Pinch-zoom in the internal image viewer.
  • Added a 'Search' option to the text selection popup bar.
  • Redesigned the top toolbar to always show a search box and determine which menu items to show based on available space.
  • Changed split-pane mode to use the previous orientation when returning to split-pane instead of always defaulting to vertical split.
  • Text selectors can now be dragged past one another seamlessly, reversing the direction of the selection (previously the start selector was prevented from being dragged beyond the end selector and vice versa).
  • Updated the size of the hamburger menu icon in the bottom parallel pane.
  • Changed Flex Search option to persist instantly when toggled, even if a search is not run.
  • Reduced text sizes in Instant Details.
  • Where a Key Number search from Instant Details would search for the word instead.
  • Issue that caused blank parallel pane on return from a search in which a parallel pane had been added.
  • Where a newly added pane would not sync with the primary pane until one was scrolled (now syncs automatically on add if panes are locked together).
  • In single-pane mode, where text size might be rendered incorrectly when switching between modules with different fonts while a search was active.
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Accordance Mobile for Android v1.3.0b4 (10502) has been published on Google Play as an Open Beta test.


  • Added a download progress bar to Easy Install (in addition to the new % update).
  • Improved the responsiveness when showing Instant Details.
  • Where Range would toggle between the selected range and all text on every search. (NOTE: this fixes a bug present in 1.2 and previous versions)
  • Issues with the display of some module titles in the in-pane dropdown (due to encoding issues).
  • Where the section title did not reset when switching modules.
  • In dual pane mode, where the search text and clear search button would not appear initially.
  • Issue that caused the text select menu to draw off screen in vertical dual-pane mode when selecting text in the bottom pane.
  • Where locked panes would not sync when using the bottom navigation arrow buttons.
  • The size of the search textbox in Easy Install.
  • Crash on displaying Instant Details in dual pane vertical mode.
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Accordance Mobile for Android v1.3.0b5 (10514) has been published on Google Play as an Open Beta test.

  • Added a preference option to disable the expanded details in Instant Details.
  • Added a spinning progress indicator to Instant Details to indicate that it is fetching expanded instant details in the background.
  • Reduced the height of the Instant Details pane for tablets in portrait mode (from 40% screen height to 30% screen height).
  • Where the app would freeze and occasionally crash while loading Instant Details.
  • Where text selectors would remain active and visible after navigating to a new module or new location within a module.
  • Issue that allowed for an empty text selection.
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Accordance Mobile for Android v1.3.0b6 (10531) has been published on Google Play as an Open Beta test.

  • Issue that caused Instant Details to be off by a word in various situations.
  • In dual-pane mode, when the secondary pane would go blank:
    • after running a search while panes are not locked.
    • with panes locked if the texts were of different corpuses.
  • Potential crashes when loading text rendering information and when dismissing Instant Details views.
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Accordance Mobile for Android v1.3.0 (10532) was submitted to production for Google Play, Amazon Appstore, and posted on our servers for direct download.

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