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Robert B

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A frustration of mine is the behavior of notes in resources such as the NET Bible. There are strengths and weaknesses of all apps for iOS, but one weakness that is a BIG feature request for me is the initiation and behavior of notes such as those in the NET Bible. When I want to launch a note- I need to long tap on the link (the number) and then not only does the note appear, but the sub menu as well. The note does not appear where you would expect it too- it appears out of line and all over various parts of the screen. I have attached a few screen shots. The parchment background is the Accordance iOS app, the white is the Logos iOS app. If I misunderstand a setting, please help me out. But this could be a big usability feature and one that could make the app more beautiful to use.


I do understand I can open the notes file in another pane, however, I do not always want to see the notes and like the more minimal approach to a simple screen when i’m just reading the text.



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