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Hi, all.


This is somewhat related, but let me know if I should start a new thread.


If I do a search for a string of genitives, it does not work on Accordance for Android.


For example, a word search in a tagged Greek text for four genitives in a row: [any gen] [any gen] [any gen] [any gen] 


This works in the PC version of Accordance, but in the Android version, I get the following message:


"The part of speech must be the first word in a tag command."


Since the Android version for Accordance is still rather new, I presume this is a functionality that is not yet available. If so, is there information on what is not yet available on Accordance Mobile for Android?


Or is there perhaps a better explanation?

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I know that the ANY tag is not presently supported in Android, along with several others (Fuzzy, Topic, Count...).


If it is in the commands drop list of the Advanced Search Dialog, it should be supported and work. If it is not listed there, it isn't officially supported and probably won't work.


I'm sorry, but I can't provide any guidance for when these features might be worked into the mix.

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