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TOC Freezing in Hermeneia commentary modules in Android app


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Hi, Accordance people!


When I try to open the TOC in the Hermeneia commentaries, the Android app freezes up. TOC works fine in the Anchor commentaries.


Eventually, at least sometimes, it will unfreeze after a very long time. Only just discovered this accidentally after setting my phone down for a while. Maybe I just need to be more patient? 


Previously, I would impatiently press the Android back key many times (or press it once and wait a while), and then I could usually get the program to crash, which is not the worst thing that can happen. If it crashes and closes spontaneously or if I get the message, 'Android is not responding, Close, Wait, Send Report and close the program myself, when I reopen the program, it is then in the right place.


I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and contents several times in multiple configurations of different amounts of resources, but this seems to be an issue with the Hermeneia commentary modules, regardless of how much other stuff I have downloaded. 


By the way, when I get an "Accordance isn't responding, x Close app, _ Wait, _ Send feedback" message, I have sometimes sent feedback but that seems to be sending logs to Google/Android. I'm not sure if you get those logs. If not, is there another way I should be sending you logs when things go amiss?


My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S8+, which is a fairly recent and powerful phone. But there is indeed an enormous amount of awesome material in these commentaries so perhaps we all just need to work on the virtue of patience. [/Parenesis]

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We get the reports on Google Console, eventually. Though all we get are the crash locations, not the steps to go there. Which means we end up trying to treat the symptoms, not the disease. (So to speak.) But the reports can be helpful and we've been working to clean up whatever we can find on roughly a weekly basis.


With respect to the TOC processing, it definitely runs faster on some content than others. For most content it is fine, but there are some titles whose levels are less than ideal: processing very large numbers of articles and titles in an essentially Java environment. That is a problem that is on the list of to-do items--it will pretty much be a re-write of how the TOC code processes with some new threading to keep the user interface from appearing to freeze.


This hasn't risen to the top of the priority scheme (yet -- because most content runs acceptably fast), but if you're working with a particular content item where the problem arises every time (and if you are, it will), then it's a particular nuisance to you, to be sure.


And the 'freezing' is usually only how it appears. If you do leave it alone long enough, it will likely eventually chug through all the entries and return to operation.


Thanks for the report and understand that your problem is duly noted.

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