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Reporting Bug in Toolbar in Accordance for Mac

Beloved John

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Grace and Peace OakTree Software,


How are you?


I just upgraded to the full version of Accordance 12 from a fresh installation of the Lite version, and I'm not sure if that has anything to do with the issue I'm addressing, yet I thought I should mention it.


So then, I customized the Toolbar, yet it continues to return to the default arrangement when I close one workspace and open another, or when I Quit Accordance and relaunch it.


That's about it.


 Please help, or if this is really a bug others are experiencing, please put this on the list of bugs to swat.  :D Thank you!

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This should not be happening for you. Are other settings being saved correctly?


Hello Helen,


How are you?


Thank you for responding.


Right now it is too early to say if any other settings are staying put since I upgraded to Accordance 12 from the clean/fresh install of Accordance 12 Lite. Yet, I can say that all the settings I configured while still using Accordance 12 Lite, including my Toolbar customization saved without issue.


Please, give me some time to now go through each preference pane inside Accordance, then some more time to let it rest before I report back with a better response to your question.


Also, before I do go through the Accordance 12 preference panes I will restart my Mac to see if that helps.


Under the Lite version I created two workspaces and now, after upgrading to Accordance 12, when I switch between them, or any of the other workspaces I now see like Translation Comparison, Research, etc., the Toolbar reverts to the default settings.


Usually, the Mac OS doesn't require a restart when working with apps in this way, but it doesn't hurt to test it, so I will test it (smile), and then begin working with the preference panes to make sure those settings stay put once they are configured.


As a last resort, I will scrub this installation and start with a clean install of the full version of Accordance 12. Hopefully not, but if I need to do it I will just do it.


Thank you, Helen.

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This issue now is resolved.


I am not sure what resolved it because I did two things before I noticed things were back to normal.


First, I added three modules to the Toolbar, as I did when I was using the Lite version of Accordance 12. Please recall my custom Toolbar settings were removed, and that was the issue.


Second, I restarted my computer.


Praise the Lord, we win again. All is well.


Thank you, Helen. Your assistance on the holiday is very much appreciated! God has blessed you, so be blessed!

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