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Safe mode when you need it

Λύχνις Δαν

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Hi ya,


  Another post for the Android forum rather than Acc itself, but as many of us use multiple languages I can see this being useful sometime to someone.


  I just had a rather scary thing happen. On my Android Tab S3 I use Keyman keyboards for Greek and Hebrew. Now when you get to the lock screen on Android 7.0 it was possible to switch keyboards from Keyman to regular Samsung. This was useful in case the screen locked with a non-English keyboard active. Well after my recent upgrade to 8.0 that stopped working. I am still trying to figure out the solution to that. The upshot though was that I was locked out. I tried a bunch of things, reboots, trying to enter English via Unicode chars the way you can in a Windows keyboard - yes I've had to do this in the past on Windows for the same sort of reason. Anyhow none of this worked and I thought I might have to factory reset and thereby lose everything on the tablet.


  Then I ran into a Safe Mode for Android. This has the effect of restoring the Samsung keyboard in English. Yay! So if you get stuck Android has a safe more. Getting into it will likely be device specific. On the Tab S3 get the tablet to reboot. If you are locked out then hold down the volume down button and the power button for 7 seconds and it will reboot. As it is coming up hold down the volume down button only. When it boots you will see Safe Mode in the bottom right corner of the screen. Swipe and login as normal. Then go in a fix up the keyboard mappings. Everything will still be as it was. Once the keyboard is set to English reboot to normal mode and then be more careful next time :)


  And if there is a reason to enable fingerprint scanning on your lock screen, this is it.




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