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Question for Users about Video Playback

R. Mansfield

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Some of you can help me out here if you have a moment. 


Earlier, Dr. J posted a link to his newest Lighting the Lamp podcast video. See his original forum post here.


In that post, he offered a direct link to the video on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/275683523



We had one individual contact us to say that when following that link to Vimeo, he couldn’t play the video and got an "unsupported viewing environment” error. This user was running Safari in Mavericks. I looked up that error on Vimeo, and they offered solutions for users in Windows 10 and Linux, but not for Mac. 


So, a couple of things... 


Are there any of you running Mavericks or another OS who also has difficulty viewing the video? 


Does anyone know what would cause a Mavericks-based MacBook to get that kind of error? That OS is five years old, but I would think it could still play a Vimeo video.


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Its not running on mountain lion, safari 6.2.8. Just get the page and a huge black area where the video is normally displayed. (but I watched it on my iPad running the latest iOS and my iPhone 4s running the last one that was supported, 9.3.5.


I am finding that mountain lion safari won’t load a load of stuff these day but being an old mbp, i can’t update it and keep it for cs4. (Tried to download dorico and web site wouldn’t open), something to do with certain security settings.

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I watched in iTunes, but checked today. It runs in Safari 11.1.1 under High Sierra 10.13.5


I have noted that Safari chokes on many websites. I end up using Chrome.

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