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Pinch zoom text sizing not retained after returning to app

Λύχνις Δαν

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Hi ya,


  Android 5.0

  Acc 1.0.6 (9648)


  Open HMT-W4

  Zoom text smaller with pinch gesture.

  Switch away to another app.

  Come back to Acc.

  Text will be larger


  Curiously, zooming the text larger and then switching apps and coming back the text will be larger still.




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OK, I think for now, I have an 'approach'.


The issue is (as I now understand it) that the Hebrew (and a few others) font size is based off the general font size (incremented by various values). So, when you go in settings and pick (say) 14 for a general text size, the Hebrew size might be 18 or so when it displays.


When you pinch zoom a Hebrew document, two things are in play:


1. The Hebrew document has a local copy of the resulting pinch-zoom value.

2. There is also a long-term storage of pinch-zoom results.


When the app is switched away (or stopped), when the app resumes the font sizes are loaded from those stored in #2. (The results of #1 go to that great bit-bucket in the sky.)


The problem was (before), that the larger Hebrew font size was being stored as the general font size, and then on a #2 based resumption, the Hebrew was being further incremented from *that* base.


At least presently, I don't think it makes sense to try and reverse engineer, based on a pinch zoom of a Hebrew text, the general font size for texts. That is, to take the results of a Hebrew pinch zoom, downgrade them by the normal Hebrew increment, then saving the result in the general font size used as a base for all texts. Because a temporary zoom on Hebrew could also change all other text font sizes by some (un-previewed) amount.


So, I think for now, the 'approach' will be: If the pinch zoom happens in Hebrew, PaleoHebr, Syriac or Arabic, the results will be retained only in #1 above. Which is to say, if you switch apps, close and restart, or otherwise force a #2 situation, the Hebrew font size will revert to the standard increment above the general text size set in Settings.


Obviously, it will still revert to something other than the pinch zoom results, but it at least won't be somewhat arbitrarily larger and also potentially impacting the general text size.

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