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How to find datives that are not in adjuncts or any kind

Λύχνις Δαν

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Hi ya,


  In reading GGBB* I hit something about the common use of datives being adverbial rather than adjectival. So of course looking for the counter-examples is immediately interesting, to see what the exceptions to this general use look like. In the syntax diagrams this would translate to not being in adjunct phrases, clauses and being adjuncts themselves (I would expect). So I was wondering how to find such datives. The obvious simple thing to try is this:




  which of course fails because of the leading negative. Now one could go and try the inversion of this and construct OR'd searches for all phrase types with inf depth and negated adjunct phrase and ANY dative adjacent to it but this doesn't really work as the datives show up in adjunct complements at times and so on.


  I am still poking at it but I wonder if a couple of tweaks here could be useful :


  1. It would be handy to be able to select a list of phrase or clause types rather than just one.

  2. It would be handy to have a way to say that a particular kind of element is not permitted in the hierarchy - adjunct clause/phrase in my case here.


  And of course if anyone has ideas on how to do this simply I'd love to hear them.







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