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After selection search field focus does not return to the search field

Λύχνις Δαν

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Hi ya,


Acc 1.0.6 (9648)

Android 7.0


When I'm entering a search in the search box sometimes (ok often :) ) I realise I searched on the wrong field. I then select the right one from the pull down. Then I cannot just hit enter because focus does not return to the search box. The problem seems to be that the enter hit for the first search attempt moves focus from the search box (or pull down list) to the next item in the page navigation sequence. That can result in me hitting enter to search and the focus is on the hamburger/TOC icon which means nothing happens. Actually it moves to the next item in the nav. sequence. So I then have to tap the search box and hit enter. It might be helpful if after selecting the search field that focus returned to the search box.


Of course, there may be good counter-arguments I haven't thought of




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