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Lighting the Lamp Video Podcast #161 Accordance’s Web Browser

Tony Lawrence

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Dr. J.


Awesome video. I love your podcasts that create a spark in my mind of all the possibilities that one could do with this new feature. I often will pause the podcasts to see things like your library organization. In this video I thought... wow, I would love to have a copy of your "user tool" that has the links already created to the scholarly sites. Would it be possible to share that one with some of us?  


Thanks again for all that you do for the Accordance community.



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Thanks, Tony!


You beat me to the punch! I was about to start a thread in the Podcasts forum.


Sure, I'd be happy to share my User Tool. I'll attach it to this reply. Unzip it, then double-click it to launch it in Accordance. It will automatically be added to your library. Enjoy!


My URLs.acc7.zip

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