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Syncing my highlights


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I am so frustrated.


I've tried using Dropbox and Accordance to sync my highlights from my Mac to iPhone. Nothing seems to work. I've lost all my highlights on my phone trying to fix the issue. Any suggestions would be great.

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Hi briit,


Sorry for your frustration. I can try to help you sync your highlights to your iPhone on the forum or you can call us in support at 407-339-0266 or Skype us at: oaktreesupport. Our office hours are Monday - Friday, from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Eastern.



I would log in to your dropbox.com account and look in Dropbox > Apps > Accordance > Highlights. If your Hightlights exist in this folder then you can “reset” your iPhone user content and get a fresh copy from Dropbox.


Here are the steps for reseting your user content.







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I know my response to this may be a bit late with it being almost one month since brrt posted his notation regarding syncing issues.  I can say for at least two weeks, I have experienced nonstop issues with my iPad either 1) failing to fully sync and erasing my highlights, 2) taking approximately 10 to 15 mins to complete a sync that should not be more than 2 minutes given the updates, or 3) a sync failure with an app crash.


What has saved me is my logging into the program from one of my Macs and restoring my Accordance folders/files from there, then syncing the computer back up with DropBox.  At that point, I will allow my iPad to reconnect with that specific DropBox account to get it back in order.  I am always careful to copy my Accordance folder first before opening the application because I have all devices set to sync things up due to my always grabbing any one of the devices when walking out the door.


I am thinking at this point I will test things on another iPad to see if the results are consistent and even consider deleting and reinstalling the app completely once more on the primary iPad.


Anyhoo, just thought I'd add this to the previous conversation.

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