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Amplify to Dictionary?


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I have very little experience using Accordance for iOS. So.. this may be a really simple question.


I'm wondering if there is a way to amplify to a dictionary. Sometimes when I select a word I don't see "Amplify" in the black pop-up menu.


For example, selecting "God" in 1Cor. 14:2 doesn't give me the Amplify option. But, selecting "prophecy" does.


When it is there I get an error that "The entry was not found in any of the tools or texts requested" even when the word is an 'Entry' in my top dictionary.




Edit: Oops, I think I figured out how to Amplify to a dictionary. Just not sure why Amplify appears in the black pop-up menu and why sometimes it doesn't.

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Initially you get an Instant Details box from god with amplify in, then it appears in black bar as you dig deeper.


See my response here






Rant: the error you mentioned, there is some inconsistency in the use of Instant Details in a minority of modules which is a bit annoying sometimes.


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When it is there I get an error that "The entry was not found in any of the tools or texts requested"


I just googled this error and this is the only result, anywhere. I can't figure out what I broke.


I finally got around to picking up BDAG/HALOT and was trying to learn how to set it up and access it from an English translation bible. I thought I had it all figured out. Long-press word, Amplify, Key or Word, Long-press on the original language word in the tool that popped up, and up comes the prioritized BDAG/HALOT. I thought I had it figured out. But now I've pushed too far and messed something up, maybe in reprioritizing tools or settings? I get the error now on any word in english bible OT and NT, several diff bibles: I long press on and Amplify a word, then select Word or Key Number generates the error. In a Greek text, every word I amplify opens BDAG to KAI. What did I break?


EDIT: Nevermind. :) I don't know what was messed but, but I just thought to close the app from iOS task manager. Reopened and everything is working as before.

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