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Various searches against the HMT crash the app

Λύχνις Δαν

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Hi ya,


Acc 1.0

Tab S3


I began trying a word search against the HMT-W4 for [verb]@"*ה" and that crashed the app. I then switched the "*ה" and [verb] around so they [verb] tag came second. That caused the search string to be right justified in the search box where before it had not been. But it still crashed the app.


Then I tried "*"@[verb] and that crashed the app too. Then I simply tried "*" and that crashed it also. Even * without the quotes crashed it. Likewise [verb] also crashed the app.


I just noticed also that if I've had a failed word search (no hits - so really it worked but found nothing) then if I pop up the search dialog again Verses is selected even though I had chosen Words and entered text which is not a book name in the HMT.


Likewise searching for [noun] crashes the app.




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