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Maybe I am asking for too much (I've just reviewed some of the discussion about split screens), but I would like to be able to have two active windows or what have you going at the same time in iOS. I have my running page of text I am reading, but then go to church and would love to slide to the left and find, voilà, a new search possibility to read along with the preacher, then, presto magico, slide left and return to the text presets of my normal reading. In other words, something that functions like tabs in OS. Just one other window would be helpful.

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This sort of thing has been asked for many times on the forum under different guises over many years. We have 2 screens with text or devotionals but what we open in the second screen is unnecessarily limited plus the limited way to change tools in other panes. A selection.








I am extremely Grateful for what we have, particularly the interlinear, but patience definitely is a virtue.



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