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Unusable? Accordance 12 in Virtualbox 5.1.30

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Is anybody running Accordace 12 in Virtualbox? I find it unusable.


I have been using Accordance 9 for over ten years now, first on classic MacOS, then on various versions of the BasiliskII emulator under both Windows and Linux. I now upgraded to Accordance 12 which obviously does not run under the classic OS anymore. Since Accordance 12 does not run on wine I installed it within a Windows 10 virtual machine under  Virtualbox. It works, however unacceptably slow. It is impossible to scroll any text or even enter any characters. It takes tens of seconds to perform any action.


This is on a very fast PC within a Virtualbox that runs virtually any application, including Photoshop and QuarkXPress with large documents flawlessly, so it should not hang because of lacking computing power. Does anybody have any recommendations?

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Sorry on which platform you want to run Accordance?


For Windows why you don't use the Windows native app? Accordance 12.2.2


For Linux maybe also the Win Version is better than the Mac one for Virtual box.





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Sorry, my original post wasn't very clear. I want to run Accordance 12 on Windows 10 within Virtualbox under a Linux host system. Inexplicably, Accordance is very sluggish here – whereas any other application (Office, Indesign, Photoshop) has no problems. I know that Accordance 12 does not work with wine, which is fine. I am just wordering how Accordance could underperform even graphics-heavy applications in Virtualbox.

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When I had a similar setup, Ubuntu in Win 10 Pro, I used VMWare Workstation Player, free for Linux home or non-commercial use, and everything was very snappy, including Acc 11. I don't know about Acc 12. I had an i7, 8 GB RAM Dell.




Glad to learn about KVM/Qemu though.


Thanks, and regards,




Edit: If I ever leave the Mac ecosystem, which would be due to the cost of what I really want/need, i.e., something with 32 GB RAM for VMs, I'll go back to Linux and a Windows VM for Acc. I've given up on Acc in Wine for the moment.

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Hi Sallustius,


  Out of curiosity what Linux distro are you using ?





Hey there,


I am running OpenSuSE Leap 42.3 x64 on an AMD A10 w/ 16 GB RAM. The KVM virtualization is built right Into the system kernel (configurable using Suse's Yast tool and virt-manager) and runs seamlessly in the background. So Accordance 12 has actually made me discover something useful for other purposes as well.


I am still not sure why it performs so deplorably under Virtualbox. Wine simply does not work in my experience, neither in crossover nor in the latest development version. It have managed to apply all kinds of patches until the main window sort of shows – but with such an amount of jerkiness and instability that it's a vain attempt. I used to be a Mac user for many years – until Apple dropped virtually all applications I had come to depend on. I am quite happy with the flexibility of Linux now, especially for academic work. I just can't wrap my mind around any other bible study tool than Accordance :-) .


All the best



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Thanks for reporting your experience.


If anyone is still interested, I'm currently using VirtualBox 5.2.18 with a Windows 7 guest and Ubuntu 18.04 host, with Accordance 12 Lite, and it is very fast, just as fast as when I used Mac. 

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