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Regeneration - A Complete History of Healing in the Christian Church, by J.D. King


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I would love to see these 3 volumes incorporated as an Accordance module so as to be easily searchable because of the extensive footnotes and names, traditions and denominations mentioned.


* Title: Regeneration - A Complete History of Healing in the Christian Church, by J.D. King <jdking@wrckc.com>


• Publisher: Christos Publishing, Lee's Summit, Missouri


• This is a 3 volume history of Christian healing (the third volume is an annotated bibliography) that has many references and footnotes that prove valuable for further research. The set just came out before Christmas, 2017, so I've not seen any academic reviews. It covers the the early church fathers to the present, in a very readable style.


The author allows individuals to read the first 100 pages at this link:





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This could be a fascinating series of volumes but I am not convinced that the spread of resources referenced in the footnotes are sufficiently covered by Accordance modules to merit making these volumes into an Accordance modules worthwhile. Yes I can see references to Jewish literature (Talmud? Midrash?), apocryphal/pseudepigraphical writings and the works of the apostolic fathers and the patristic authors. But look at the contents page—How many Accordance modules are available for the time periods covered by chapters 3  to 10? Not many.


The way I see it, Accordance is primarily a Bible-study computer program, and not a generic ebook-reader. Judging by the sample provided, this work does not have enough references to the Bible or to standard Bible commentaries or dictionaries (available for Accordance) to merit turning it into an Accordance module.


Going by my experience of this forum, I doubt there would be enough interest in such a work anyway.

Modern foreign language Bibles and standard reference works in other languages seem to be more in demand, IMHO.

Commentaries and dictionaries for the Bible, and grammars and lexicons for the biblical languages are also more in demand, also IMHO.


Still, I don't make the decisions for Oak Tree Inc., and my comment here isn't meant to be a criticism of the work itself or the author.

I just don't see how converting it to an Accordance Module would gain much.


Thanks for posting, I will look out for this one in paper.

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I hear what you're saying and agree about Accordance's emphasis (although Accordance does have some General Tools, some works such as Bonar's Wayof Peace, or Bullfinch's Mythology, etc., that don't have a lot (if any?) bible references, not to mention there are other historical works like Schaff's.)


If the author of "Regeneration - A Complete History of Healing in the Christian Church" would even just make his work available as an eBook, it would be nice for searching purposes. Anyway, thanks for commenting and we'll see what happens: "ye have not if you ask not" :D

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